"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way it treats its animals." -Ghandi

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Capital improvements coming to Owls Head dog run

Last year, Councilmember Vincent Gentile announced that he had secured $850,000 to renovate the Dyker Beach and Owls Head dog runs.  Owls Head will get $200,000, which is earmarked for gravel, benches and WATER!  The remaining $650,000 will go towards converting the Dyker Beach run into an official Parks dog run.

In May, Parks submitted its plan for Owls Head to Community Board #10 and it was approved unanimously.

The downside: the renovations will occur during peak "dog time" at Owls Head.  As it stands now, the dog run will be closed from Spring 2013 until sometime in the fall.


Pitbull vs. Kitten

Brooklyn Mutt Show

Hi there! My name is Regan Jaye Fishman director for the second annual  
Brooklyn Mutt Show, at the Brooklyn Lyceum this coming March 26th and 27th.
The Brooklyn Mutt show is a Snootiness-Free celebration of all mixed breed  
dogs, with categories such as "Best Kisser" "Best ears"  and, in what we  
think is a Dog Show first the "Snook-a-Like" contest, that is, for the dog  
that most resembles Jersey Shore's Snooki. (owners are encouraged to come  
dressed as other members of the cast...Kardashians are also acceptable.
Entrance is $25 Dollars which will benefit the Toby Project  
(http://www.tobyproject.org/) We are encouraging Foster Parents bring their  
pups to compete in categories, free of charge, in the hopes of finding them  
forever homes. I will announce their adoption info when they walk and in  
addition to the gift bag of dog swag all contestants get, and a medal and/or  
honorable mention ribbon, there will be copious hugs and snorgles and on-site  
training tops from thedoggieacademy.com!

I think it might be a great way to get the word out about your dogs, to  
encourage people to foster and to help some of those pups find their forever  

Thank you so much for your time!

Regan Jaye
Convention Director
Brooklyn Lyceum
(646) 228 3563

Owls Head Park dog run is open again!

The ground is a little rough from construction and hard as a rock from the weather.  There are also a lot of rocks and some broken glass, which wasn't unexpected given how long it's been closed.

However, there are no amenities, like benches.  This contradicts what an official from Parks told us we would get if there was a renovation of the dog run.  It looks like all we got was a fence, one less tree and a narrower area for the dogs to play in.

Santa Paws at the Brooklyn Lyceum

I received this in the Barks mailbag today:

Hi there!! My name is Regan Jaye Fishman, convention director for the  
historic Brooklyn Lyceum in Park Slope.

I just wanted to give you a heads up that, as part of our 3rd annual Lyceum  
Holiday Marketplace, this coming Dec 18th and 19th, we will be offering pet  
photos with Santa Paws!!!

From 12pm until 6, market going mutts and their people can meet up with Santa  
Paws, dress up in fun holiday costumes and take a fun photo to send to  
friends or just keep as a treasured memory. Photos are $10 or FREE w/proof of  
a market purchase (even if its just a postcard we want to make sure people  
stop by and see our hardworking local vendors before taking off into the  

There will be treats and water for the pups (Cats are absolutely welcome too  
just be aware they may kill you in your sleep if you try to dress them up)
and LOTS of fun activities for the People (safe cracking! batting cages...and  
IPAD raffle!!)

Regan Jaye Fishman
Brooklyn Lyceum

Dog Run To Be Closed Until 2011

This won't be news to those who have visited the dog run over the past few days and seen the signs posted there.

Dog run signGiven the rapid pace of the construction fence crew this afternoon there's a possibility that today is the last day the Owls Head Park dog run will be open in 2010. 

It's a good news/bad news thing.  On the one hand, after all these years the Parks Dept will finally replace the dilapidated fences and broken gates at the dog run.  The bad news is that the dog run is definitely secondary to Parks' plan to repair the drainage issues with the bike path.  There's no mention of including any features taken for granted at other NYC dog runs, like access to water, regrading/resurfacing or even benches.

Officially, the NYC Parks Department is calling this capital project "Construction Of Greenway Connector From Intersection Of Colonial Rd & Wakeman Pl To Shore Rd".  The plans include new chain link fences (four sides) and gates for the dog run, although I suspect we're getting that only because the contractor needs the dog run for parking and materials.  More bad news: this is also going to take quite a bit longer than replacing a few hundred feet of fence.

Also, the Parks Dept gave themselves quite a bit of wiggle room wiith their reopening target of "Winter 2011".  Is that January 2011, as in eleven months from now, or December 2011, as in 22 months? Twenty-two months is like 12 dog years!

Now THIS is a dog run!

Karen and I were in Nantucket this past week and finally found a dog run after several years of scouring the island for a fenced in area. And what a dog run it is... with an ocean view, grass, a five foot fence, water, even bleachers!

It's an old ball field on the tip of the island in an area called Tom Nevers. What a terrific place. Jack and Auggie ran non-stop for 15 minutes. Auggie didn't even miss his ball.



More photos here.

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